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5 Proper Eye Care Tips When You Have a Digital Lifestyle

Are your eyes feeling itchy often? Do they feel dry and irritated? Are you noticing some fine lines or dry skin around your eyes? These are just some telltale indications to up your eye care game. Now that many of us are glued to our screens most of the time. 

1. The 20-20-20 rule 

A simple rule to keep in mind, especially if you’re one who’s highly engaged in a digital lifestyle, is the 20-20-20: for every 20 spent staring at your screen, pause for 20 seconds and look at something 20 feet away (or something as far away as possible). This allows your eye muscles to relax and prevents dryness that can cause further damage and irritation. 

2. Properly remove mascara and other eye makeup.

Improper removal of eye makeup, especially waterproof mascaras, can cause build-up on your lashes and may irritate your eyes and cause blockage to your follicles. The correct way to remove eye makeup is to make sure that you’re using a waterproof makeup remover (with oil in it would be much preferred) that’s gentle on the eyes. Put some on facial cotton pads or lint-free toning cloth and dab it gently around your eyelids to lift the eye makeup off. Next, make some soft circular motions around the eyes to remove the makeup entirely and avoid scrubbing or rough rubbing movements to prevent irritation. Finally, wash your face with a gentle cleanser right after to remove all residue. 

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3. Have some handy preservative-free eyedrops

If you experience eye dryness often, having eyedrops at hand is beneficial. The best ones to have are those without preservatives because of how frequently you use them. It is recommended to apply two drops in each eye about four times a day (or as needed) to prevent dryness and irritation. Though preservative-free eye drops come in single vials only, it helps in avoiding the potential cytotoxic damage to the eyes.

4. Maintain a proper diet

Nurturing your body with the right food is one of the best ways to enhance overall health. 

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamin C and E can help prevent vision problems. For better skin around the eyes and lesser wrinkles and fine lines, consider adding around 5mg of collagen supplements to your daily diet. Taking collagen can also help with overall skin elasticity, stronger nails, and hair growth. 

5. Take advantage of highly trusted eye care products.

You can be assured that all CanGro products are tried and tested! Using quality products especially near the eye area is essential and we tick all the boxes!

Don’t know where to start? Check out our bundles to trial a few of our amazing products and save $$!  We have a variety of lash and brow packs available to enhance the beauty of your eyes. And check out our amazing skin care packs. With our Basic Trio Pack that includes our anti-aging eye cream, gentle cleanser, and Vitamin E moisturiser, your eyes and face are well-taken care of.

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