Ace your Bare Face Look with Healthier, Fuller Lashes!

Ace your Bare Face Look with Healthier, Fuller Lashes!

Sure, having thicker and fuller lashes can make you prouder of your au naturel look, but more often than not, frequently using heavy mascara or consistently having eyelash extensions done can do more harm than good. That, and maintaining eyelash extensions or lash lifts aftercare can be pretty tedious and costly.

So how can you have naturally long and full lashes? Here’s the main takeaway: keep your lashes healthy! 


Here are some tips on how to make eyelashes grow longer naturally

We get it. It’s easier said than done. Allow us to share with you 3 tips in keeping your eyelashes healthy so that you can finally have those longer, fuller, thicker lashes without putting too much effort on your eyes (and wallets).


1. Practice proper eyelash hygiene

Combing through and nourishing your eyelashes daily can do wonders to its overall health. Eyelash combs help remove dirt and debris from the lashes, preventing clogged follicles. Another way to care for them is to nourish your eyelashes with vitamin E, which helps in keeping them soft and flexible.

If you frequently use mascaras or wear heavy eye makeup, it’s best to pace occasionally to prevent irritation. Proper removal is also highly recommended using gentle eye makeup removers instead of facial cleansers. 

Bonus tip: use cotton pads instead of makeup wipes. 


2. Make a few changes to your diet

Supplements and a proper diet inclusive of proteins, leafy greens, and healthy fats can aid in healthy hair growth. Perhaps you can also consider having collagen peptides as part of your daily supplements. Collagen has been proven to be a significant factor in having healthier hair, nails, and lashes. With consistency and proper hygiene, the recommended daily collagen serving of just 5mg can surely garner noticeable results!


3. Invest in well-trusted eyelash serums

Eyelash serum serves dual purposes: first, it nourishes the lashes and helps them grow; and second, applying it under your makeup or on top of your lash extensions can help minimize potential risks and irritations. Using a highly praised and trusted eyelash serum regularly enhances eyelash growth and keeps lashes thicker and stronger. Eyelash serums can also prevent breakage and lash fallouts, so if you don’t have one yet, now’s the time to invest in a good one.


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