Ageing Gracefully from the Inside Out

Ageing Gracefully from the Inside Out

What do we perceive as Graceful Ageing? Youthful exterior - full, smooth, radiant skin along with healthy hair, nails and teeth. Vibrant mood - consistency, positive, upbeat. Good energy levels - physical, mental and sexual energy levels. Robust immune system - avoiding colds, flu, viruses. Healthy weight?

    What could be stopping us from achieving ageing gracefully?
    • Less than adequate sleep
    • Lack of exercise and sunlight
    • High stress
    • Drugs and environmental toxins exposure
    • Calorie dense food not nutrient dense food
    • Hormone imbalances
    • Liver dysfunction

    How can I help increase my skin firmness, moisture and slow the formation of wrinkles?

    We often see a quick fix for skin firmness and wrinkles through the form of injections, fillers and chemicals. However, we have finally produced an evidence based, researched powder that doesn’t come with any pain or downtime - collagen powder. Consumed daily, collagen helps protect against and reverse the effects of ageing, resulting in firmer, plumper skin, reduction in cellulite, stronger hair and nails, better gut health, reduction in inflammation and joint pain and stronger bones within 4 to 8 weeks.

    Common hormone imbalances, do you have them?

    Another important factor to consider are your hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that tell your organs and cells what to do. They can be influenced by each other and one imbalance can trigger other imbalances. Our endocrine system is an integrated network of small glands that produce and secret molecules know as hormones…. they are so powerful and can regulate your skin, mood, your energy, your immune system and your weight.

    Four Hormones that have a huge impact on Ageing Gracefully

    1. Adrenal – adrenaline & cortisol

    What is it used for - Fight and flight, energy, adrenals give us some oestrogen.

    What if we abuse it - Adrenal fatigue, weakness & tired, weight gain,
    high levels cortisol > increased glucose > met syndrome > weight gain > carb cravings. Stress > eat more > release more cortisol > compounding effect upon your weight*

    How to support that hormone naturally
    • Increase green leafy vegetables
    • Increase the number of servings of fresh fruits and vegetables (increase the potassium in the diet)
    • Seek super foods such as: brewers yeast, wheat germ, fresh sprouts (sprouted breads)
    • Eat EFA ocean fish 3x per week
    • Eat nuts, seeds and legumes
    • Only moderate amounts whole grains rice and grains
    • Eat lots of garlic, onions, and mushrooms – especially shitake mushrooms
    • White flour, sugar, sodas and refined foods
    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking
    • Environmental toxins
    • Vit B, C, and tyrosine ( not on Monoamine oxide inhibitor)

    2. Insulin

    What is it used for - Carbohydrate metabolism, keeps blood sugar with narrow range

    What if we abuse it - Afternoon fatigue, abdominal weight, sugar cravings, mood swings, insulin related acne, female repro: PCOS, IR > fat metabolism, cells will not absorb glucose > fat, Fat cells loaded with glucose receptors – vicious cycle – while your gaining weight your cells are starved for glucose > exhausted & eat carb food for energy!

    How to support that hormone naturally

    Balance blood sugar: F,P,CC, reduce grains, reduce simple carbs, reduce hidden sugars, reduce skim or no fat foods - hidden sugars

    3. Reproduction, Female sex hormones, oestrogen, progesterone

    What is it used for - Oestrogen, youthful skin, libido, neuroprotective, reproduction, Protect and modulate our immunity*

    What if we abuse it -

    Deficiency: Nervousness, irritability, problems with concentration, depressive mood, anxiety, loss of self confidence, hot flushes

    Excess: Endometriosis, PCOS, breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, fibroids, PMS, abdominal fat, menorrhagia

    How to support that hormone naturally

    Phytoestrogens in food; Flaxseed, tofu, hummus, soy beans, multigrain bread, sesame seeds, garlic. Be aware of environmental oestrogens - mimic role of hormones in body – endocrine disruptors - pesticides, plastics (microwaved), trans fast. Fibre - reduce the reabsorbed oestrogen in the intestines. Soluble and Insoluble. Ground Linseeds contain oestrogenic lignans. Pectin are also very good. Cooked apples are especially good. Phyto oestrogenic foods chickpeas, soy and other pulses, legumes, and seeds especially if they are sprouted. Brassica family- contains indoles which help the liver process oestrogen and also competitively inhibit oestrogen. Reduce dairy - milk contains oestrogens which are far more powerful than phyto oestrogens. Go A2 Vit B6 - uterine and breast tissue more susceptible to oestrogen stimulation. Alcohol intake should be kept to moderate 1-2 glasses with 2 AFD. More than 4 = poor liver dysfunction. Coffee, beer and cannabis all have oestrogenic effects on the body. Methionine containing foods, beans, legumes, and allium family (garlic) help with oestrogen break down in the liver. Good gut flora is essential. Brassica Olerecea, Broccoli sprout. Calcium d glucarate, zinc

    4. Thyroid, Hormones T3, T4

    What is it used for - Metabolism in every cell in the body, body fat

    What if we abuse it - Under active; brittle hair, hair & brow loss, weight gain, fatigue. Overactive; weight loss, heart palpation, insomnia

    How to support that hormone naturally
    Reduce soy products non GMO, SPI, ‘health. Moderate flaxseed, walnuts, sorghum, almonds, cassava, pulses, and apples - cyanogenic glycoside. Cook goitrogenic foods – cabbage, broccoli. Increase selenium- brazil nuts, eggs. Increase iodine- sea vegetables, eggs. Zinc, Cu, and Se required cofactors for iodothyronine iodinase enzyme T4 to T3.

    For more information on Beauty Bod Collagen, Click here.

    Author: Michele Chevalley Hedge, Qualified Nutritionist, research lover, and wellbeing author - A Healthy View.

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