CanGro's Serum to Success during Lockdown

CanGro's Serum to Success during Lockdown

CanGro’s Serum to Success during Lockdown The Covid19 crisis wreaked havoc on the world economy. Many businesses have closed and so many more are operating in a time of uncertainty.

In our Podcast below, with Business Australia, we discuss the premise for our success.

CanGro is an Australian-owned and manufactured brand with the highest quality ingredients, undergoing strict certification. This is one of the main reasons for our success. During the initial stages of our business, we did look to manufacture in China, but something didn’t feel right. We pulled the plug after six months of work when we realised that there had been a lot of dishonesty in the manufacturing process. With an Australian company, we know we are trusted. That’s imperative to us.

Our customer service is another great factor. We put our clients first. We really care. We know a lot of the salons we work with are not working during the lockdown, so we wanted to support them through this transition. There was a lot of panic, but with our support, businesses could operate still.

We believe it is our customer care- and being an Australian brand-that has seen our business soar in the time of Corona. With a 450% rise in sales, we are thankful that Australians can put their trust in our brand.

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