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With all the different collagen supplements on the market, it’s understandable that you may feel confused. Don’t know where to start or what is right for you? Worry not, we are here to bust some of these myths and offer some tips along the way.

Collagen supplements come in all shapes and sizes these days. From pills to shots and everything in between, there’s a range for everyone. Pills work if you’re happy popping a capsule daily, but not everyone likes to do that. Drinks can be a tasty alternative, but then you may be limited to a flavour. A tasteless, odourless powder can be popped into any food or drink and doesn’t alter the flavour at all. Perfect if you want to disguise your collagen in a smoothie.

Collagen is usually sourced from animals, although there are some plant-based derived versions coming out too. Normally, collagen is bovine or marine sourced, meaning it comes from cows or fish. Both are great sources of collagen and perfect for the human body. At CanGro, we offer both marine and bovine collagen powders that are odourless and tasteless; the perfect combo to add to any beverage. That said, you still may be confused by how collagen works and there’s certainly some myths to be busted.

Myth One: Collagen supplements don’t work

That’s simply not true. While there’s some debate as to whether topical collagen can penetrate the skin to make a difference, oral supplementation enters your blood stream in the form of peptides and amino acids (protein) where it is then distributed to your skin, hair, nails, bones, gut and other organs that require collagen.

There are some great clinical trials that show that collagen supplementation boosts skin hydration by up to 91% and dermal thickness by 83%. Essentially, elasticity and firmness of the skin are visibly improved by collagen intake.

Myth Two: Pregnant women should not take collagen supplements

This is partly true and partly not. First of all, pregnant women should avoid marine collagen, but they can take any other collagen supplements. At CANGro, we offer bovine-sourced collagen and that can be taken by pregnant women. This will certainly help with hair, skin and nail issues that can arise during pregnancy.

Myth Three: Marine Collagen is better than bovine collagen

There is no evidence to suggest that marine collagen is better than bovine collagen. It is simply a matter of preference. One is sourced from cows and the other from fish. You get to choose what you prefer.

All in all, collagen supplements offer an amazing range of benefits that aren’t limited to just hair, skin and nails. Expect more energy, improved wellbeing and better gut and joint health too.

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Author: Sarah Tottle, for CanGro

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