Lash Serum for the Sensitive

Lash Serum for the Sensitive

We all want long fluttery eyelashes. It is why many of us fork out a small fortune for monthly eyelash extensions, opting for long fluttering doe-eyedness.

Eyelash extensions, while giving an everyday glam look, are not without cost. They can also be ultra-high maintenance, and not everyone can tolerate them. They are a luxury, but an expense, and refills take time and money. It is why many people are opting for lash serums in the hope that their natural (sometimes stumpy) lashes will grow longer, thicker, and darker at a swish of a wand.

Lash serums can offer excellent growth and results when applied correctly and over a period of time. However, lash serums can cause sensitive eyes to sting, itch, and become inflamed. Many of the serums contain harsh ingredients that shouldn’t be placed around the eyes, and miracle products like Latisse, contain prostaglandins, a hormone many people want to avoid. Not to mention the fact that beautiful blue eyes can be darkened when using this Glaucoma medicine, meaning many people are at a loss as to what to do to grow their lashes.

Natural Products

The World Wide Web may be filled with all manner of beauty tips. A search on Mr. Google offers a list of natural tips to help grow your lashes. Some of them good, some of them not so. The fact is, natural ingredients can be a great addition to any skincare range, with many of them stored in your pantry. You do have to be careful though. While oils may nourish the end of your hair, rubbing them into your eyelashes may irritate your eyes or clog those hair follicles, leading to infection.

If you’re wanting to grow your lashes while you have extensions on, using an oil will unstick the glue, meaning a waste of your hard-earned cash. That is why a naturally-derived vegan lash serum that is both extension-friendly and great for sensitive eyes, is the way forward. The composition of the ingredients in the serum mean that your eyelashes are supported and nourished, but there is no risk of inflammation or infection. It means that those with sensitive peepers can grow their lashes with relative ease.

At CanGro, our vegan-friendly, cruelty-free Long Lashes eyelash enhancer was designed with sensitive eyes in mind. The composition of naturally-derived, science-backed, and active ingredients can be used on any peepers (even those wearing contact lenses).

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Author: Sarah Tottle, for CanGro

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