Not all eye serums are created equally…

Not all eye serums are created equally…

If you scroll through Google looking for information or advice on eyelash serum, you’ll find a plethora of information on the topic. Much of it is conflicting, and often it can be off-putting.

You’ll find personal accounts of women who are very upset (justifiably!) as the eyelash serum they purchased - in good faith - did not work, or it caused red sore eyes, darkening of the eyelid skin, inflammation of the eye and or it even changed the colour of their irises!

Scary stuff indeed!

So … what is the real truth on eyelash serums? How can so many personal accounts vary so widely? The answer is simple. Not all eyelash serums are created equally.

Just because you purchased - and then faithfully used - a product that called itself an “eyelash serum”, does not necessarily mean you will achieve the desired results … namely healthy long lashes … with, of course, no unwanted side effects!

In the early 2010’s the eye-lash-loving world became very excited about eyelash serums released to the market that promised our less-than-desired stumpy eyelashes could be transformed into natural, lovely long lashes.

Celebrities endorsed it. Everyone loved it. Exciting stuff.

Goodbye having to lie in a salon for hours having fake lashes painstaking adhered to our lids!!

We no longer had to avoid invasive queries on the authenticity of our lashes, but could simply flutter and say “What, these bad boys? Well they’re natural of course….”


Well, it was until it wasn’t. Women started reporting some very, very negative side effects. Whaaaaaat? How could this perfect product fail us? The answer is the ingredients. These products (we're not going to name and shame, as unbelievably some of these products are still available online). While ‘this’ eyelash serum was originally created as a glaucoma medicine, it had the seemingly beneficial side effect of helping longer lashes to grow. HOWEVER, we will name and shame the nasty ingredient, prostaglandin, a growth hormone. Whilst useful for the treatment of glaucoma, extended use of it led to a variety of eye complaints, including - horrifically - irreversible change in eye colour! Thankfully, prostaglandin is now banned in Australia, but it has created some doubt on all eyelash serums.

And then, of course, some products just simply do nothing! While these products may not have any active, useful ingredients, what they do offer is fabulous before and after images on Instagram with seemingly really extraordinary results. Oh and of course it comes in a pretty container too…

So … what can you do to ensure you buy the best eyelash serum?

Easy. Check the ingredients and for peace of mind, be especially certain to buy an Australian made, Australian owned and ethically made product. An eyelash serum should be free of hormones, petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, palm oil, ethanolamine compounds, gluten and artificial colours.

And to those of you who still say their healthy eye serum didn’t work…?

The answer again is simple. An eyelash serum must be applied every day to clean, dry eyelids. These aren’t fakey’s being applied! This is you giving your natural lashes the assistance they need to stay put, be healthy and grow longer!

Eyelashes weren’t grown in a day my friends ….

Use your eyelash serum every day, after 4-8 weeks you will see a difference. The full effect can be seen in 12 weeks. The magic will happen, you just need to be consistent.

For more information on a Long Lashes eyelash enhancer, Click here.

Author: Katie Chambers, for CanGro

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