Oz Beauty Expert’s Bonnie Shares Her CanGro Secrets

Oz Beauty Expert’s Bonnie Shares Her CanGro Secrets

We’ve written a lot on how our products work. We know they do what we made them to do. They’re better and safer than extensions for your lashes, and more importantly, you can call them all your own.

Our girl, Bonnie, of Oz Beauty Expert, has kindly shared her success on how CanGro’s Long Lashes and Bold Brows serums have helped her. Since having eyelash extensions for two years, Bonnie wanted a break. Let me tell you, it’s a hard transition when you’ve had luscious glamour lashes to migrate back to little stumps. Your eyes simply feel naked. However, Bonnie had success in growing out her lashes within record time, and, in just six months, her lashes were simply amazing. There was no longer a need for extensions and her lashes felt healthier, longer, and happier (because, who wants glue stuck to them anyway?!!).

Like many of us, Bonnie had over plucked her brows. We can thank the 90s for that. Many of us are still suffering. However, in this clip below, she shows us how her brows have filled out. While we state that users of our brow serum should apply it to clean brows twice a day, Bonnie has shown how she gently massages the serum into her follicles by applying it in the opposite direction. And can we all agree that her brows look amazing?!

To watch Bonnie's tips, check out our clip here: https://youtu.be/BuZSH98fQQk

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Author: Felecia Tappenden, Co-Founder, CanGro

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