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The Cara Delevingne Eyebrow Challenge: How to Grow Your Eyebrows

The 90s and noughties have a lot to answer for when it comes to fashion. Overplucked eyebrows are just one of them. It may have been fashionable to pluck your eyebrows into pencil-thin strips as a 14-year-old, but as your nan would have told you, they’re hard to grow back.

I think everyone’s grandma would have told them how unfashionable hyper thin eyebrows were, but somehow peer pressure got in the way and Pamela Anderson-esq brows were once the epitome of high fashion. You may regret your ultra-thin brows, but rest assured, granny was wrong, and there are a few ways to help grow them back.

What can be done?

First things first, step away from the tweezers. You can never be best friends with an appliance that you take a whipper snipper approach to when it comes to your eyebrows. Less is obviously more, but it’s difficult to know when to stop when you’re prone to plucking your brows yourself. So, see a professional who can groom your brows into perfection, while also allowing room for them to grow.

If you’re fed up of sparse looking brows, using a brow kit or shadow can help fill in the gaps while you’re waiting for them to grow in. Tinted brows can also look fuller too. If you have been trying to grow your brow hairs for a while now, but to no avail, and you’re not prepared to opt for the microbladed look, consider a good brow serum to stimulate those follicles into action.

Brows are like the hairs on our head. We need to clean them and ensure that there is no scaly skin preventing hairs from growing. For this reason, ensure that you wash and clean your brow area regularly to prevent the build up of oils that can potentially hinder growth.

Applying our Bold Brows eyebrow serum can help fill out sparse brows. It is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and peptides that nourish and condition brows, while also acting to stimulate hair follicles into action. Used regularly, brows become thicker and fuller, with many people abandoning their brow pencils.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide help nourish the follicles, meaning new hair grows in healthier and stronger than before. The good thing? It’s free from nasties. Our serum, Bold Brows eyebrow enhancer, doesn’t contain petrochemicals, palm oil, sulphate, phthalates or hormones, meaning only the best of ingredients for your skin. Alas, Cara Delevingne eyebrows are now within your reach.

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Author: Sarah Tottle, for CanGro

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